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Sourced directly from the very best free-range ranches in the Midwest, our dry-aged beef products are always top-quality. At Northwest Meats, we focus on producing premium dry-aged beef  that will ensure your menu truly stands out from the crowd. We work with ranchers that are committed to sustainable practices and raise their cattle humanely while also maintaining the highest safety standards. Dedicated to quality, we ensure that our  beef is free of growth hormones and antibiotics, allowing you to provide your clientele with a variety of dry-aged premium steaks, tenderloins and prime-rib that are prepared to perfection. Rich in flavor and created with unparalleled attention to detail, you can be sure that your customers will continue coming back for more of our exquisite dry-aged beef products.

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Here at Northwest Meats, we provide our customers with the very best products, services, and prices possible. Our USDA-certified meats are hand-cut with precision by our skilled butchers. To maintain our own high standards, we have strict controls in place to ensure accurate portion sizing and to guarantee consistency with the quality of our products. Not only do we meet government food safety requirements, but we also surpass them and we make sure that our sourcing partners follow suit.

At Northwest Meats we don’t believe in compromise. With our products, you are always guaranteed quality and we proudly stand over every cut of meat that leaves our facility.

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