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Here at Northwest Meats, we are incredibly proud to announce our exciting partnership with Joyce Farms to offer our customers some of the best chicken ever tasted. Joyce Farms has produced multiple lines of high-quality meats for over half a century with the utmost care and respect. Included in their mouth-watering lineup of meats are two top-tier chicken choices in the Naked Chicken and the Poulet Rouge. Northwest Meats company is the Joyce Farms chicken supplier in the Chicago area.

Joyce Farms was started back in 1962 on a family-owned farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is still a family-owned business over 60 years later. The meat produced by the Joyce family is mainly bought up by professional chefs and niche distributors, and we are lucky for the opportunity to carry a small selection of their sought-after delicacies.

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The name may sound odd to the average food lover, but there can be a lot to learn from a name. These chickens differ from the average variety in a number of ways, including their very strict living conditions. They are housed in temperature-controlled homes, with the guarantee of absolutely nothing added to their diets that is not purely natural; or naked.

Climate control allows the naked chickens to roam as they please, but not breed as they please, as there is an optimal amount of space per chicken which must be kept at all times. The naked chicken is basically treated to a spa vacation until it is time to head out to state-of-the-art processing and packaging that ensures conformity, consistency, and quality.

Allowing them to roam free gives them ample opportunity to build healthy bodies, which means better flavor and less fat. They must also be allowed to grow for at least 12 weeks, as any less would be detrimental to their overall growth and produce a sub-par end product. The birds are also slightly dry-aged for 24 hours before they head to processing, just to increase the flavor that much more.

For information from the masters themselves, check out what they have to say about it, check out what they have to say about it.

There is more than one type of premium chicken to get excited about, and our partners at Joyce Farms will not disappoint with their offerings. Poulet Rouge is classified as a heritage bird, and our partners are actually the exclusive breeder of them for the entire continent. French in origin, the Poulet Rouge is a thin-skinned chicken that requires an expert and knowledgeable breeder to raise properly.

A little different from their naked cousins, the Poulet Rouge are kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled barn for the first six weeks of their lives. After that period they are allowed to roam outside in the pasture and socialize for a while. Roughly six more weeks to go until they are ready to be processed, as the 84-day mark is what breeders typically look to for full growth. To learn more about the Poulet Rouge and how to get the very best results when cooking these tasty birds, take a look at this video from Joyce Farms.