Our Sourcing Partners


Strong Sourcing Partners Provide Generations of Excellence.

Since 1956 Northwest Meat Company has been passionate about providing excellent cuts of high-quality meat. For three generations, our family traditions of values and standards have never wavered. We never compromise quality and this starts with our relationships with our sourcing partners.

We look for meat farms and strong partners who share our same vision and ideals about using sustainable agricultural practices, humanely raising animals, and following safety standards. We expect excellence in all aspects of the process. By collaborating with our sourcing partners, we are able to anticipate and bring forth innovative products and ideas to our market. Family and community drive success and enable Northwest Meats to have consistent product sourcing with exceptional quality. We stand behind every cut of beef, veal, lamb, and pork we sell.

— BEEF —

NWMC Sourcing Partner - Creekstone Farms

Creekstone Farms

Creekstone Farms has the same passion for quality and excellence we’ve come to expect from all of our partners. Their state of the art processing enables them to produce the highest quality beef and pork. Meeting the most rigid food safety standards anywhere, Creekstone Farms supports local farms by processing only the finest Premium Black Angus Beef and Natural Duroc Pork, all born and bred in the USA. Hand-selected cattle represent the best of the best. For true Black Angus genetics, only 1 in 100 cattle represents the Creekstone Brand. Animals are handled compassionately and humanely and graze on lush pasture land throughout the Midwest. Since Creekstone Farms owns the facility, they control every aspect of production ensuring only the highest quality products are produced. The Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef program is one of the few branded programs certified by the USDA. This certification ensures superior products through more stringent guidelines and on-going inspections.
NWMC Sourcing Partner - Greater Omaha

Greater Omaha

Greater Omaha has been known for the finest quality beef products, service, and delivery in the industry since 1920. Their mission is to produce premium beef products with uncompromising food safety. Their central Midwest location means their Angus and Hereford cattle are sourced within 250 miles of their Omaha, Nebraska production facility. Greater Omaha shares our desire for knowing their partners. They consider their ranchers and livestock operators as neighbors and know them personally, some for generations. All USDA quality, Greater Omaha uses a digital grading process and software algorithm to remove any subjectivity involved in the visual grading process of our product.
Piedmontese Beef

Piedmontese Beef

Originating from the Piedmont region in the Northwest of Italy, this unique breed of cattle has a special genetic makeup that ensures their meat is a cut above the rest. Piedmontese cattle naturally develop a greater percentage of muscle mass, less fat, fewer calories, and higher protein compared with other breeds. This leads to more tender, leaner, and tastier beef products. Certified Piedmontese beef provides consumers with a significantly healthier range of products that never compromise when it comes to flavor. Partnering with Piedmontese as their official distributor in the Chicago area, we are delighted to offer lean, healthy, delicious beef options that are guaranteed to wow your guests.

WR Reserve specializes in Angus Beef. Known for its fine marbled meat, Western Reserve Protein Group sources and produces the very best Angus beef from independent farmers and ranchers – all produced in the USA. USDA certified, the beef is available in USDA Prime, High Choice, and traditional grades. WR Reserve is committed to raising livestock in a humane and responsible way. We share their commitment to quality. WR Reserve is vigilant in their product selection and proud of their long-standing relationships with their ranching partners.
Naeve Family Beef

Naeve Family Beef

Naeve Family Beef is reared at a six-generation family farm that specializes in raising cattle and growing crops, as well as operating a truck company. The Naeve family is very proud of their farming traditions and to this day, three generations of Naeves still work the farm each and every day of the year. It is their goal to produce the highest-quality cattle possible and they have invested more than one hundred and twenty-five years into developing our land stewardship and animal husbandry practices to provide the best foundation possible for their products. Equipped with a state-of-the-art facility abattoir and processing plant on site, the Naeve family is able to maintain quality control at virtually every stage of the process from farm to fork. For the most flavor-filled, delicious Black Angus Cattle products, look no further than Naeve Family Beef.
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Straus Brands

Strauss Brands

Strauss Brands encompasses four generations of authenticity. Their products are humanely raised, family farmed, and masterly butchered. Strauss offers genuine, grassfed, grass-finished beef – raised on open pastures as nature intended. Their community of American family farmers and butchers are hand-selected experts in their craft. They share our belief in sustainable agricultural practices and make sure everything they do is good for the animals, good for the environment, and good for you! Generations of experience result in a passion for the well being of their animals. They are never given hormones or antibiotics and never confined in a feedlot. In addition, their organic farmers comply with the USDA’s strict Certified Organic raising standards. We love their time-honored raising traditions, combined with the most modern standards in ethical and humane treatment to produce delicious, tender meats.

— PORK —

NWMC Sourcing Partner-Seaboard Foods

Seaboard Foods

Seaboard Foods understands that the proper care of animals is not only the humane thing to do, but also paramount to producing quality pork. They also recognize how important it is to continuously evaluate how to do things better. From their pig farmers to their quality assurance team, they constantly analyze their processes to invest in improvements and ensure they deliver superior pork products.  Rigorous third-party, independent audits provide an added level of safety. With one of the newest, large-scale pork processing plants in the industry, Seaboard employs the latest technology and USDA Process Verified control points to produce safe, delicious, and nutritious pork. Their superior pork products begin in their breeding barns where they own their boars and sows. Genetics experts select the optimum hereditary traits of both their male and female pigs.  Ongoing, in-depth research over generations means Seaboard Foods maintains strict genetic control of their herd. An emphasis on science allows them to produce pork with a consistent appearance, texture, and flavor with uniform marbling. Seaboard Foods is committed to always providing exceptional pork with consistent attributes.
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Indiana Kitchen

Indiana Kitchen

Indiana Kitchen is located in the heart of the Midwest allowing them to work closely with their farm partners to provide the freshest, most flavorful pork products available. They are passionate about working with providers who are dedicated to improving the pork industry. Relationships are key to the success of Indiana Kitchens. Their family of farmers is committed to humanely raising healthy hogs free of antibiotic residues or other hazardous substances. All of their hog farmers are Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) Certified. Their meatpackers and processors are committed to product safety and quality assurance. Their pork-exclusive expertise allows for custom-product specifications.

Midwest family farm sourcing results in a complete line of the freshest pork products on the market, including a variety of processed and specialty meat products, like their flavorful ham, bacon, sausage, deli meats, and more.
nwmc sourcing partner chairmans reserve

Chairman’s Reserve

Chairman’s Reserve pork is a truly superior product that is unparalleled in terms of tenderness, flavor, and juiciness. Chairman’s Reserve Meats use strict grading criteria to ensure that they always deliver the very best premium pork cuts possible. All of Chairman’s Reserve Pork is hand-chosen and inspected to ensure that the marbling, firmness, size, and texture are always consistent. Their products are all fully compliant with USDA standards for natural products so you can be sure that you are getting juicy, flavorful pork with nothing else added. To further ensure consistency, they employ a color standards code that is strictly adhered to in order to reduce variation. Committed to such high standards while constantly evolving their methods, there is no higher-quality pork available than Chairman’s Reserve.


We are thrilled to introduce our newest sourcing partner, Joyce Farms, providing both the Naked Chicken and Poulet Rouge for our valued customers. While these two birds are some of the best on this side of the world, Joyce Farms is experienced in a variety of mouth-watering protein options.

Founded in 1962 by farmer Alvin Joyce, Joyce Farms started out with the intention of being a family-run business. Over 60 years later, and now with a third generation of Joyce’s at the farm, our remarkable sourcing partner is still family-owned to this day. With a selection of products for just about every taste, including their delectable Heritage line of premium meats, Joyce Farms has been supplying the best chefs in the area with the best poultry possible.

Koch Foods is one of the top poultry processors in the U.S. Their focus is on providing the highest quality products and unmatched service throughout the growing, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Their state-of-the-art equipment allows them to deliver chicken with greater efficiency and react quickly to the needs of customers and changes in the marketplace. Their customized solutions make them stand out as an industry leader. We are in line with their commitment to raising small birds resulting in a superior and tender product. Koch Foods does not compromise on quality, from the ethical treatment of their animals to the conscientious use of resources. No steroids or hormones are ever used, and only carefully screened quality ingredients from select vendors are included in their poultry feed. Safety is incorporated in everything they do. All of their facilities are USDA inspected and operate under Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP) plans that meet all regulations under 9 CFR 417. In their desire to protect the environment, they established the Koch Foods Sustainability in Action Program to help guide sustainability practices throughout many critical components of their day-to-day business. Since 1985, Koch Foods has continuously led the innovation curve for the poultry industry by investing millions of dollars every year upgrade their production facilities.
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Maple Leaf Farms

Maple Leaf Farms

Maple Leaf Farms is a fourth-generation company founded in 1958 as a small duck operation in Northern Indiana dedicated to producing the highest standard of quality products. With more than 150 partners who grow and care for ducks on their own farms, they share our belief that family is an integral part of our culture. Extremely proud of their heritage, Maple Leaf Farms has become the leader in the duck industry and is well known for their superior duck products. Maple Leaf Farms was the first duck company in North America to implement a comprehensive duck well-being program that includes science-based duck care for all stages of production, a training program for staff and growers, and an audit system that helps us continually identify areas for improvement. Their commitment to sustainability includes programs and systems that are ethically grounded, scientifically verified, and economically viable. They also own and operate their own feed mill to ensure the highest quality nutrition for their ducks. Their ducks eat an all-natural diet of corn, wheat, and soybeans purchased from local farmers. All of the family farmers we partner with use these natural feeds. Maple Leaf Farms does not include antibiotics in their duck feeds. Their ducks are raised in quiet, spacious barns where they have room to roam about and have access to fresh water and feed. Commitments to family, community, and quality have been the foundation of Maple Leaf Farms success for 60 years. We are proud that they have never lost sight of their values.
NWMC Sourcing Partner - Norbest Turkey

Norbest LLC

Norbest LLC is Utah’s largest turkey producing and processing company. The company began as Utah Poultry Producers Association, a producer-owned marketing cooperative, in 1923. The Norbest brand began in 1938 delivering top quality turkey meat. Since its beginnings, Norbest has been an industry leader by improving the breeding, growing, processing, and marketing of turkeys. The company partners with more than 40 independent ranching families who share the same values regarding animal welfare. Norbest turkey production practices are humane, with the health and comfort of the birds of paramount importance. Turkeys are fed a balanced diet comprised mostly of corn, soybean meal, minerals, and vitamins. Growth hormones are never used. Improved animal housing, handling practices, and healthy, nutritious feeds are the result of ongoing research into how to raise the healthiest birds. Norbest is dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest food on the market. Hard work is valued and Norbest takes pride in bringing wholesome products to your table.
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Miller Amish

Miller Poultry

Miller Poultry is a small, family-owned company located in Northern Indiana. Since 1942, the company has been committed to providing the highest quality, all natural poultry possible. The Miller family is passionate about producing poultry in an ethical and efficient manner. They carefully monitor every step, from the hatchery all the way to the processing facility. Chickens are raised within a community of more than 130 Amish farm families in cage free, low stress environments. They are fed an all-vegetable, drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free. Miller Poultry chickens are raised on a diet of certified, non-genetically modified grains. Their feed mill and farms go through the verification process and approval according to the Non-GMO Project verified specifications.

Miller Poultry understands that updating equipment and technology ensure they produce the highest quality chicken available. They take their role personally and consider their farmers and their customers to be part of the Miller family. Their mission is to provide a perfect product in a perfect package in perfect condition every single time. We love that they are driven to do the absolute best.
NWMC Sourcing Partner - Gerber Amish

Gerber Poultry

Gerber Poultry chickens are raised on Amish family farms with plenty of room to roam. Dwight and Melva Gerber began processing chickens that were grown on their family farm in 1952. Now, the second and third generations of the family continue to produce Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken™, the highest quality, and best tasting, all natural, antibiotic-free chicken products available. The company is committed to high animal welfare standards, food safety, and honest labeling. Fresh, clean chicken guarantees the natural great taste that has always been their standard. Gerber Amish Farm Chicken™ products are 100% GMO-free.

The Gerber family has taken the time to perfect their feeding formula and the way their chickens are raised. Their position is that better feed means better flavor. Gerber goes to great lengths to raise healthy chickens. For over six decades they’ve worked with their feed suppliers, nutritionists, animal welfare consultants, farmers, and caretakers to develop a nutritious diet and a safe, healthy living environment for their birds. All of their farmers follow a stringent set of rules and guidelines regarding animal health, humane handling, and nutrition to raise their chickens. The Gerber family is very proud of the quality reputation their chicken has earned over the years. Their core values of trust, teamwork, integrity, commitment, and respect are evident in their superior product and their ability to guarantee the freshest chicken possible.


NWMC Sourcing Partner-Marcho Provimi Foods

Marcho Farms
Provimi Foods

Marcho Farms / Provimi Foods began in 1969 and has grown to become the largest veal and lamb manufacturer in the country. An integrated and forward-thinking organization, Marcho Farms takes pride in its commitment to quality and ethical behavior. Lambs and calves are humanely raised in caring, low-stress environments on peaceful rural family farms. The finest quality grain-fed lambs are born and raised free-range on American farms, graded USDA Choice, Yield Grade 3 or better. Holstein calves are raised by certified growers and brought up in clean, spacious communal housing, able to move about and interact. All of their farms offer constant supervision, specialized feeding programs, and 24/7 veterinary oversight, ensuring superior herd health, as well as happy, healthy animals, and the most delicious meats possible. From selection, housing, and feeding to transportation, processing, and delivery, Marcho Farms assures that their end product is unrivaled in quality and flavor. They simply wouldn’t have it any other way.
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Straus Brands

Strauss Brands

Strauss Brands encompasses four generations of authenticity. Their products are humanely raised, family-farmed, and masterfully butchered. 100% of their veal calves are ethically raised in non-tethered, stress-free environments without confinement. Strauss Free Raised® veal calves spend their entire lives as nature intended—free to roam with their herd on open pastures, outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, and nursed by their mothers. They are never given hormones, antibiotics, or milk replacers. Their tender veal comes from truly ancient stock – France’s famed Limousin breed. Renowned for its flavor and quality for thousands of years, veal from Limousin calves is an Old World delicacy still treasured by the finest chefs.

Generations of experience result in a passion for the well being of their animals. In addition, their organic farmers comply with the USDA’s strict Certified Organic raising standards. Family farmers are hand-selected experts in their craft. We love their time-honored raising traditions, combined with the most modern standards in ethical and humane treatment to produce tender meats.


NWMC Sourcing Partner-Volpi Foods

Volpi Foods

Volpi Foods opened their doors in 1902. Having learned the ancient European art of dry curing from his elders, John Volpi envisioned his company as a family business with respect for craftsmanship and an eye on his customers and the future. Now his great niece, Lorenza Pasetti, continues to refine her great-uncle’s craft—while adhering to the techniques he brought with him to America more than a century ago.

Volpi Foods relies exclusively on local Midwest suppliers and still dries its meats by adjusting the temperature and humidity of natural airflows. In addition, their meats are still prepared in the same facility opened in 1902, as well as two other locations. All of their farmers are within two hundred miles of their facilities, which means their meat is the freshest anywhere. Craftsmen ensure that all of their meats are prepared to perfection, and in the most natural way possible—individually, and by hand. There are no shortcuts. They let time cure their meats naturally, whether it takes four weeks, four months, or four years. Nitrates are never used and all of their meats are free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Volpi Foods is passionate about producing delicious, natural, exceptionally high-quality foods using original, authentic recipes. Their standards are unparalleled resulting in the tastiest, safest, and most wholesome meat imaginable.
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Hoffmeister Hams

John Hofmeister & Son
(Hof Haus)

John Hofmeister & Son (Hof Haus), Inc. has been in Chicago for over 60 years. Three generations of the family have contributed to their success in offering a full line of delicious ham and pork products. Their founder, John, came to the Windy City from Austria to work at one of the meat houses in the great Union Stock Yard. He came with an apprenticeship in sausage making already under his belt. Before long, he owned a small plant specializing in processing fine hams with a special recipe of his own. The company is unwavering when it comes to their quality control standards and customer service. To ensure the highest safety standards, the company introduced a number of food safety programs and processes in and outside of their processing plant. Only the best ingredients are used to guarantee their finished product is the finest available. Their old world smoked ham is renowned for its distinctive smokehouse flavor and rich brown color. It’s always produced from select butcher-type meat and trimmed to exacting specifications. The superior quality of their hams means mouthwatering goodness every time! Hof Haus continues to concentrate on the most important aspects in producing and distributing quality wholesome products. They take pride in what they do and always want to exceed your expectations!
NWMC Sourcing Partner-Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Dairy Farm is a 6th generation family owned and operated company. For more than 130 years, they’ve used natural ingredients, original recipes, and time-honored traditions to create distinctive and timeless products. When Milo Jones started the family business in 1889, he was inspired by his mother’s all-natural, homemade breakfast sausage recipe, full of authentic, wholesome flavor. The same family recipe is still used today for their all-natural breakfast sausages. Since the beginning, they’ve stayed true to their mission. All products are free of artificial preservatives, binders or fillers, and MSG. For more than a century, the Jones family has been passionately creating safe, great-tasting products made with the highest-quality ingredients.
NWMC Sourcing Partner - Carando Classic Italian

Carando Classic Italian

Carando Classic Italian was created nearly a century ago along the cobblestone streets of Torino, Italy, where founder Peter Carando learned the Italian tradition of sausage making as an apprentice at his local butcher shop. With authentic recipes in hand, he came to America and began his dream of handcrafting the very finest Italian meats.

The company remains true to those recipes, as well as the old world craftsmanship, creating one the world’s finest purveyors of Italian deli meats. Discover truly authentic Italian specialties like capicola, hard salami, genoa salami, pancetta, pepperoni, prosciutto and more. In addition, Carando’s premium dinner hams are among the finest in the world. From hickory-smoked to honey-cured to brown sugar glazed, it’s easy to taste their dedication to old world quality in every slice. One bite is all it takes to discover the authentic Italian difference of Carando.