Northwest Meat Company Partners With Joyce Farms

Northwest Meat Company Partners With Joyce Farms
Chicken and Poultry Products Apr 11
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With an exciting announcement and an expansion of our already top-notch list of available meats, Northwest Meat Company has found a new sourcing partner in Joyce Farms. We are beyond pleased to be carrying not just one, but two of Joyce Farm’s premium chickens to help our loyal customers deliver the very best for their patrons.

With over sixty years of experience in producing some of the best poultry, pork, beef, and more, the Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based family business shows pride in all of the little things that truly matter with meat. Currently being run by a second and third-generation father and son(s) team, both the Naked Chicken and Poulet Rouge will be an amazing addition to your venue’s menu.

A Brief History of Joyce Farms

Back in the early 1960s, a man by the name of Alvin Joyce founded a small wholesale shop on his North Carolina farm to make a go of selling chicken to local grocery stores. While things started on a small scale, son Ron Joyce joined the company in 1971, purchasing it from his father ten years later. Ten years after that, Ron Joyce fast-tracked a new production and distribution plant in the area, ensuring a solid foundation for the future.

Joyce Farms knew that it had to do something different to stand a chance against some of the giants in the industry. That ‘it’ happened in 1995 when they first introduced the Naked Chicken, which we are proudly serving almost three decades later. The focus on quality over mass production is what makes them stand above and beyond the competition, and why they have been in business for so many years.

The Naked Chicken

The one that started it all was the Naked Chicken, and the fact that it is still produced and distributed to this day can attest to the quality of the cluck. These birds differ in a variety of ways from the typical Amish birds you see mass-produced and filling grocery store bunkers. A naked chicken must spend its days in an environmentally controlled home, with absolutely zero additives to their diets.

Not only that, they don’t like their naked chickens to get too crowded as any top-quality poultry needs lots of room to move around when being reared. These chickens are free-range, but not outdoors, and must have a healthy growing period of at least twelve weeks before they are considered for processing. When they are selected for that honor, they are hung and dry-aged for a full day beforehand to ensure that Joyce Farms deliver the best possible product.

The Poulet Rouge

Joyce Farm’s second tasty offering came a little bit later in the family farms’ history, but it was absolutely worth the wait. Traditionally a French bird, the Poulet Rouge is a stand-out prize of poultry that you have to taste to understand. Selected personally by the owner while visiting France, this naked-necked chicken is grown using strict standards based on the French Label Rouge Program.

There are a few areas of excellence for this ravishing red ruffian, such as a thinner skin than average, allowing a chef to get it ever so crisp. Meat with flavor that can only come from a chicken that has lived a full life, is free to roam and has a completely natural diet. One bite into a slice of Poulet Rouge and you will understand the difference between this meat and any other, from the texture alone.

Partnering With Joyce Farms To Bring The Best To Our Customers

Here at Northwest Meat Company, we are very selective about what we supply to our customers and we are truly excited about our new partnership with Joyce Farms. If you are looking for the best chicken you have ever tasted, serves, or cooked with, Joyce Farms has two choices that are guaranteed to impress not only you and your team but every guest that you serve at your venue moving forward. Whether you decide on the classic Naked Chicken or the fancy foreign Poulet Rouge, these new selections from our new sourcing partner will be a big hit with your customers and will help you to elevate your offerings like nothing else. To find out more about the new line of poultry offerings from Joyce Farms, get in touch with our team at Northwest Meat Company today.

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