Mother’s Day Marvels – 5 Tasty Dishes To Make The Big Day Extra Special

Mother’s Day Dishes
Brunch Apr 26
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With Mother’s big day approaching, it’s time to place your orders for those creative, spring-inspired meals using our top-quality beef, poultry, and seafood cuts. On this special day, partners and kids look forward to treating the special lady in their life to a delicious meal. And as a venue owner, you want to be sure that you are ready for the mothers’ big day. If your chefs are looking for some inspiration to create memorable Mother’s Day dishes, you have come to the right place. These incredible dishes are the perfect way for your guests to show Mom just how much she is appreciated and how much she means to them.

5 Inspired Spring Dishes To Elevate Your Venue’s Mother’s Day Menu

1. Spring Strip Steak Chimichurri Salad

If Mom prefers to keep lunch light, zesty, and fun, put together a medium-portioned affair using thin slices of our New York Strip steaks. IA great seasoning combo to try includes Chimichurri and Za’atar is an Argentine sauce combining garlic, sherry vinegar, olive oil, cilantro, lime juice, mint, za’atar, and parsley that matches perfectly with an expertly cooked steak.

Combine your NY Strip steak with fresh baby spinach, arugula, and English peas to bring some greenery to the plate. Add avocado for more spring colors, and for some moderate kick, slice some fresh radishes into wedges. Cut the avocados into wedges also, or you can mash them up into a paste and dabble it onto the thin cuts of steak.

When those steaks are cooked medium well, the pink contrasting with the vibrant colors of the spinach-arugula mix will be impossible for your guests to resist this Mother’s Day.

2. Brunch Steak and Eggs

For those Moms that enjoy Sunday brunch with the family, it’s hard to beat a traditional T-Bone Steak and Eggs presentation. Pair it with lightly-buttered, skillet-browned wheat toast and season the one-inch thick sirloin steak with salt and pepper. Garnish with parsley and diced green bell peppers to make this perfect brunch dish even more visually appealing when you are plating up. An extra tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and piping hot coffee on the side will complete this offering and ensure that this is a Mother’s Day brunch to remember.

3. Skirt Steak Tacos Stir-Fry

Tacos are always a big hit and are the perfect addition to a lunch or dinner menu at any venue. If you attract a large lunch crowd, these will hit the spot to satisfy appetites while not weighing everyone down for the rest of the afternoon. On the other hand, you can dress up your steak tacos, and add lots of fresh sides such as guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo, cilantro, and sour cream to elevate this tasty Mexican treat for your dinner menu.

Start with a pound of skirt steak for a block of four servings. Slice into 3-inch pieces, then slice again into ⅓ inch strips. Then marinate the steak in the seasoning mix in a bowl containing chili powder, sugar, oregano, salt, and ground black pepper. Heat a skillet and cover the surface with olive oil. Dice up an onion, and stir-fry the steak with the onions until the onions turn a light brown color. Heat your tortillas on a dry pan for about thirty seconds and you are ready to serve.

4. Orange Chicken Asparagus

Keeping it light for the Spring season, use this tantalizing poultry dish to work through your stock of fresh chicken breasts. This appealing dish has an appetizing seasoned orange-based glaze that contrasts with the deep green tones of asparagus on the side. Whip up the glaze with orange juice, honey, chopped oregano, sherry vinegar, salt and pepper, and canola oil. If your chefs are not fans of asparagus, you can substitute lengthwise sliced carrots braised in the orange glaze instead. This is a fantastic addition to any Mother’s Day menu and is guaranteed to not only impress on the day but have your guests coming back for more.

5. Shrimp Peppercorn Filet Mignon

Work in the Surf-n-Turf angle with this dish that should please the whole family this Mother’s Day. The kicker here is the peppercorn sauce, salted butter is the base, then we have beef broth, heavy cream, brandy, crushed peppercorns, and fresh chopped parsley to bring it all together.

Prepare the filet in an oven skillet at 400 degrees, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper, and salted butter. Shell the shrimp and saute them in the skillet, swimming in that delicious butter/brandy mixture. Mom deserves the best cuts for all her dedication, and Filet Mignon certainly lives up to the challenge. Make sure you have plenty of supplies for this dish as we can assure you the orders will be coming in all day long once you open your doors on the big day.

Spring Forward Into a Truly Memorable Mother’s Day

Spring has arrived, and families will soon be arriving to dine on hearty, creative lunches and dinners, celebrating the special woman in their lives. Get ready to surprise your guests with your own takes on these delicious meal ideas. Mothers will be impressed with these tastefully designed creations along with the rest of the family ensuring that this is a Mother’s Day that will be remembered for many years to come. Get in touch with our team at Norwest Meat Company to find out more about our amazing range of meat and seafood. Our friendly team can help you with everything you need for Mother’s Day this year.

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