Spring Sensations – Five Delicious Dishes To Elevate Your Easter Brunch Menu

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It’s time to begin the planning phase for Easter 2023. With a month to go, we’ve already started filling orders on dry-aged meats, poultry, lamb, and hams. Savvy venue owners are getting their orders in ahead of time at what is always a busy time of year in the hospitality industry. With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your menu and thinking about what you’re going to serve for Easter brunch menu at your venue.

Continue reading for some irresistible Spring-inspired brunch ideas that will help to brighten up your Easter brunch menu.

Roast Beef

Nothing says “special occasion” more than a perfectly roasted cut of Prime Rib. The tenderness of the slightly pink, thinly sliced beef your chef expertly prepared may entice diners to return every Sunday. Stock up on top and bottom roasts, then nail down your seasoning regimens to ensure diners notice how much care you devoted to these prime cuts.

In our home kitchens, we find that seasoning choices are critical to creating perfect roasts. We begin with salt; our rule of thumb is one teaspoon per pound as a rough starting point. Traditional seasonings include thyme, pepper, garlic, and rosemary, but don’t forget other spices like oregano or sage. For a healthy method to apply the seasoning, use extra virgin olive oil to make a seasoning paste you can spread across the whole roast, including the bottom to get the perfect finish.

Garlic Spinach Chicken

Health-conscious customers seeking lighter poultry fare will undoubtedly enjoy your take on chicken breasts & thighs to create Mediterranean-inspired goodness for Sunday brunch. 

A pound of chicken thighs or breasts gets you started, followed by the marinade process, using fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Three cloves of minced garlic, kosher salt, ground black pepper, and some dried oregano give you the base for this wonderfully light yet simple marinade. Let the poultry marinade anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours; the longer the soak, the better penetration into the chicken. Then place the meat into a saucepan along with your favorite side vegetables. Spinach is healthy and visually appealing, and zucchini is another excellent choice, as are chopped onions to serve alongside this tasty offering.

Heat your marinated chicken in the saucepan until lightly browned and approaching crispy, followed by about fifteen minutes in the oven at 425 degrees until the vegetables are tender and the poultry is thoroughly done but not dry.

Smoked Salmon With Poached Eggs

No Easter brunch menu would be complete without a tempting egg-focused brunch offering. Poached eggs are an elegant way to serve eggs and they go perfectly with smoked salmon. Garnish with dill, sprinkle on a few capers and you have a light but tasty dish. 

The key to perfecting your poached eggs is to add a little vinegar to the water. Mix it and then pour your pre-cracked egg into the water as you create a vortex by mixing the water very quickly. When you are cracking the egg, it is important to take extra care not to crack the yolk.

Allow the egg to cook for approximately two mins on simmering heat to get a perfectly soft inside wrapped in solid white.

Be sure to choose high-quality bread for this dish. You could also add a hollandaise sauce if you want to take this offering to the next level and really wow your customers.

Ham Steaks

For something a little different on your Easert brunch menu, why not consider serving up tasty ham steaks? You can glaze these cuts with well-known combos of ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, dijon, and maple which work very well for Easter presentations. Serving your ham steaks with superfood greens like kale and spinach makes them solid choices for those customers still clinging to New Year’s diet resolutions.

Ham steaks could also be served as an open sandwich using fresh, crunchy bread such as lightly toasted ciabatta. Mayonaise, some fresh leaves, pickled red onion, and a rich chutney will complement the glazed ham steaks, leaving your guests wanting more.

Make Sure You Are Ready For The Upcoming Easter Celebrations

Easter is always a busy time for venue owners and you need to be prepared so you can deliver the best possible experience for your customers. Planning your menu in advance is always advisable and with the addition of some of our suggestions above, you can ensure your diners enjoy every bite of their Easter Brunch at your venue. Get in touch with our team at Northwest Meats to learn more about our extensive range of top-quality meat and seafood. With the right ingredients at your disposal, you can be confident that you will produce an Easter brunch you can be truly proud of.

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