7 Valentine’s Day Meals Your Guests Will Fall In Love With

Valentines Day Meals - Valentine’s Day Menu
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Meals are an integral part of Valentine’s Day. Sitting down and sharing food together makes for one of the most popular date ideas out there. When you are on the other side of the counter, however, the importance of a great Valentine’s Day meal is significant for other reasons.

As a restaurant owner or professional chef, you need to start thinking about a great menu to offer for Valentine’s Day. This holiday is always something of a challenge for restaurants. There are sure to be plenty of reservations, but you need to have something unique to offer to couples looking to have a memorable experience.

To give you a hand in working out this dilemma, let’s look at some of the best Valentine’s Day meals you need to think about putting on your menu this month.

7 Meat Dishes to Jazz up your Restaurant’s Valentines Day Menu

Beef Vegas Strip Steak 8 oz. 

They say that true love is rare, but the Vegas strip steak is an increasingly popular option on menus around the country that anyone is sure to love! If you are going to have a steak dish on your Valentine’s Day meal menu, then be sure to add this newly discovered cut to the list. Serve it grilled as it is or add it to other dishes to elevate them to the next level.

Lamb Breast With Mint 

Lamb is truly unique and memorable meat that your customers will enjoy as a Valentine’s Day meal. To prepare this dish properly, season and brown the lamb breast in a skillet first. Then, bake it in the oven to finish it off. This will allow the meat to cook well but will keep the flavor locked inside.

Top off you lamb breast dish with a spicy combination of mint and, jalapeno chimichurri.

Pan-Roasted Veal Flank Steak with Cabernet Sauce 

It is a good idea to have at least one veal dish on your menu for a Valentine’s Day meal. Veal flank steak that is cooked in a skillet after marinating with thyme and garlic overnight will create an unforgettably delicious entrée. However, when you add red wine and plenty of butter into the mix, you can be sure that your customers will be coming back for more throughout the year.

Chicken Breast With Fennel And Walnuts 

This recipe takes a basic chicken breast and brings it to new heights. Start by sautéing the chicken breast in a skillet after stuffing it with thyme and dill. Once the flavor has been locked in, transfer it into the oven to roast for a while. Serve the roast beast with some quick-pickled fennel and some candied walnuts to add a complete flavor profile to the dish.

Beef Skirt Steak Tacos 

Steak tacos are a great way to make a light meal just a bit heavier. Keep this recipe simple by letting the steak be the centerpiece. Marinate the beef skirt steak in a margarita mix with garlic, shallot, jalapeno, and cilantro. Then, add the steak to some corn tortillas and serve it with some sliced avocado.

When served with margaritas, this makes a great main dish or a filling appetizer.

Peach Bourbon BBQ Ribs 

Having something sweet to serve as the main course is a great idea when thinking about delicious Valentine’s Day meals. Marinating a rack of beef ribs with bourbon, peaches, molasses, and other spices is a great place to start. If you really want to offer your customers a decadent experience, then you can even add a slab of bacon to the mixture for a delicious smoky flavor.

New York Strip Steak 

Simple steaks do the trick for many customers. The New York strip steak is an easy-to-make and delicious option that fits the bill. Even with only salt and pepper, this makes a great Valentine’s Day meal. Serve with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables to give your customers a classic and filling entrée to remember.

Give Your Customers A Valentine’s Day Meal and Romantic Experience To Remember

Every Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for restaurant owners and professional chefs. With so many couples out on the town and looking for a great place to eat, you have got to stand out from the competition to get people through the doors!

With a little bit of planning, you can let the food do the heavy lifting for you. Make sure that you add to the occasion by having some great Valentine’s Day meals for your customers to choose from.

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