Gourmet Grilling: 5 Tips For The Perfect BBQ

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The undeniable, savory aromas of flame-cooked meats filling the air mean one thing: barbeque season is here. Take advantage of this beautiful Chicago weather and offer your customers unforgettable summer-inspired meals using our premium beef, chicken, and pork products with these helpful grilling techniques.

Use Quality Ingredients

The most important element to perfect outdoor-cooked meals is using only the best ingredients available. Using top-tier, humanely raised products from Northwest Meat Company significantly improves your dishes’ flavor and texture.

Ensure you use our made-to-order grass fed and dry-aged beef. We only partner with ranches that share our values of using sustainable agriculture and safety standards.

Poultry is another barbeque staple, and we offer the freshest wholesale cuts sourced from our trusted partners using free-range farming practices and strict adherence to animal welfare regulations.

Professional Grilling Techniques

No BBQ menu is complete without succulent pork products such as slow-smoked shoulder and ribs or grilled sausage and bratwurst.


Professional Grilling Techniques

Get ready for summer with our experts’ recommendations for taking your venue’s summer menu specials to the next level.


Vegetables and Side Dishes

Head to your local farmer’s market to find the seasonal produce that will add the required colors and flavors to your barbeque dishes. In addition to aroma, visual appeal is the key to piquing customer interest and securing repeat orders.

Stock up on red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, corn, zucchini, and asparagus, plus plenty of red and white onions. These are perfect for open-flame cooking and add the required zest to barbequed meat. Select firm, blemish-free organic veggies for their extra robustness and pesticide-free origins.

Gourmet Grilling - Vegetables and colors

Choose sides that complement meat dishes without over-satisfying customer appetites. Make fresh salads and offer artisan bread and buns from local bakeries to complete each meal.

Remember to include fresh and creative condiments. Avoid excessive sugar by crafting your own homemade sauces and garnishes. Use often-overlooked choices like quinoa, farro, and couscous to make hearty and nutritious side dishes that pair perfectly with grilled meats and distinguish your venue from competitors.


Marinade and Dry Rub Mixtures

Every chef and pitmaster has their preferred grilling techniques. And, perhaps the most cherished method for infusing barbeque menus with bold, complex flavors is the pre-grilling marinade and herb mixture application.

The best coatings utilize an acid like vinegar or your favorite citrus juice, healthy cooking oils, and various seasoning combinations.

For a grilled chicken breast, you might blend olive oil with lemon juice, then add salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, and thyme for a light and refreshing alternative to typical sugar-based national brand barbeque sauces.

To add a kick to smoked or grilled ribs and chicken, create custom dry rub concoctions using paprika, chili powder, cumin, turmeric, and brown sugar. On the grill, this mixture will perfectly caramelize on the meat’s surface, infusing the spice deep below the skin.

Beverage Pairing

Complete the summer cookout experience with appropriate beverage offerings for adults and children. For the grownups, offer red and white wine selections that complement grilled meats.

Full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Marbet work with the robust flavors of steak and lamb. Lighter grilled fare, such as chicken and seafood, pair perfectly with white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnays.

Beer and barbeque are ideal companions. Include local brews in the hoppy IPA or refreshing light lager categories to complement the dishes and cut through the heat of your secret spice mixtures. Cocktails using seasonal ingredients and bold flavors can also be the perfect beverage to offer alongside BBQ, such as a margarita topped with fresh lemon or lime slices or a potent gin & tonic.

Also, ensure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options on hand. Lemon and strawberry lemonades are good pairings, as is sparkling water infused with fresh fruit. Kids will appreciate the sweet and thirst-quenching properties that watermelon and cantaloupe slices offer as a post-meal treat.

Heating Considerations

Understanding the cooking equipment available is an essential grilling technique for creating your venue’s best summer BBQ meals. Choosing gas vs. charcoal comes with distinct pros and cons.

Consider venue location, desired flavors, convenience, and set-up times. In general, charcoal offers that smoky, outdoor taste we all associate with a backyard cookout, while gas provides quick startup, precise temperature control, and easier cleanup.

Many chefs prefer adding wood chips for the added depth and ember-scented bouquet the meat absorbs during heating. Experiment with the different varieties, such as mesquite, hickory, applewood, etc., and decide on your signature cooking style.

Whatever equipment you choose, begin by properly pre-heating the unit, allowing ample time for the charcoal or elements to reach optimal temperatures for even heat distribution.

To prevent burning, divide the surface into zones offering different temperatures. Use a hot section for searing and a cooler zone for warming and slow cooking. This allows you to stay organized and move the food around as needed.

Adjust the ventilation to regulate temperatures and use a grill thermometer to monitor internal meat temperatures to ensure safety and doneness. Have one or more fire extinguishers nearby and use proper grease management and disposal to prevent unexpected flare-ups.

Order Wholesale Summer Barbeque Meat Today

Whether your venue is a food truck, an outdoor catered event, or a brick-and-mortar establishment, memorable BBQ meals require expert grilling techniques and premium wholesale meat and seafood cuts.

At Northwest Meat Company, we have the top-tier products your customers expect, delivered directly to your kitchen, locally and nationwide. We guarantee quality and stand behind every cut sold.

Visit our website to browse our products, order directly through our app, or get personalized assistance by calling our sales team at (312) 733-1418.

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