A Straight-Forward Guide To The 7 Best High-End Steak Cuts

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Nothing satisfies a carnivorous appetite better than a great steak. If prepared with expertise, seasoned appropriately and served with the right side dishes, a great steak will leave a lasting impression on your customers. For this reason, savvy restaurant owners and chefs need to always be looking for and use the best beef portion cuts when they are creating steak dishes for their menus.    If you love to see the look of satisfaction on your customers’ faces after you have served them something truly satisfying, then you will be interested to know more about the seven high-end steak cuts that truly deserve to be called the best. Having these steak cuts in your arsenal will provide you with a great means of winning customers over and keeping them coming back for more.

Let’s look at seven of the best high-end steak cuts that you need to know about.

Beef Grassfed Flank Steak 

There is something truly unique and delicious about grassfed beef.  Beyond tasting great, grassfed beef cuts are full of healthy fats and nutrients. This makes them the complete package for customers who are looking for the best.

While any grassfed beef cut can be great, a grassfed flank steak makes the list as one of the best steak cuts around. Flank steak is highly versatile, and you can incorporate it in any kind of steak dish that you choose to serve.

Beef Tomahawk Steak

Although this makes the list of the best steak cuts out there, some of your customers have likely never heard of the beef tomahawk steak. However, once they see it on their plate, they will never forget it!

The tomahawk steak is aptly named. These excellent cuts of ribeye beef keep a big part of the bone attached. This is purely for the added effect that it brings to the table, and it makes a great impression.

Beef Vegas Strip Steak 8 oz.

The Vegas strip steak is not only one of the best steak cuts around, but it is a relative newcomer to the beef scene. This steak cut was “discovered” only a few years ago by actual steak researchers. The breakthrough has steak-lovers everywhere celebrating the good news. These cuts, however, are quite rare as only about eight steaks can be taken from each cow.

Expect to see many Vegas strip steaks featured on menus throughout the country in the near future!

Beef Ribeye Steak, Bone-In

Ribeye steaks are known for their tenderness and the fantastic marbling that flows throughout the cut. These benefits also make it one of the more expensive options for discriminating diners. It is worthwhile to add it to your menu to keep it well-rounded.

Keeping the bone in allows the juices from the marrow to flow into the meat and creates a great flavor that tastes incredible.

Beef Porterhouse Steak

Otherwise known as a T-bone steak, the porterhouse steak is one of the best steak cuts on the market. While this is usually the first choice of those who know how to eat a lot, a good chef can make a porterhouse steak that serves up both quantity and quality.

The porterhouse cut is great because it offers a customer two different steak-tasting experiences. The T-bone in the middle of the porterhouse separates the steak into two parts: the tenderloin and the short loin. If cooked properly, these two cuts each bring a different flavor to the table that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Beef Sirloin Flap Bavette Steak

The fantastic beef sirloin flap bavette steak cut is as versatile as it is delicious. If you choose, you can marinate it and put it directly on the grill. Otherwise, this is also a good option to select for making fajitas or other dishes featuring steak as the centerpiece.

Veal Flank Steak 

Veal is a great addition to any menu. If you do not already have it on yours, then consider adding a veal flank steak. You can cook it up directly on the barbeque or slice it into fajitas, sandwiches or stir-fries.

Serve Up Some Of The Best Steak Cuts 

You cannot go wrong if you add a few more steaks or steak dishes to your menu. Serve one or all of the best steak cuts outlined here and you are sure to see a lot of smiles on the faces of your customers.  You may also review our meat maps for more delicious meat products.

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