Key Pork Industry Trends To Watch Out For in 2019 – 2010

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Blog Oct 04
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While bacon is the butt of many jokes these days, today we are looking at the whole animal not the pig but the pork industry itself. Looking at some of the key pork industry trends that are changing the way pork is consumed and produced will give you a whole new appreciation for the process that goes on to bring these versatile products to your plate.

Certainly, changing consumer tastes and macroeconomic effects are having an impact on the pork industry these days. However, with more Americans consuming pork now than they have in decades, the industry is sure to continue with a strong performance in the coming years.

Let’s look at some of the key pork industry trends that are making waves today.

Refrigerated Vs. Frozen Pork 

Knowing how best to store your pork is essential to enjoying it at its best. One recent trend in the pork industry has been increased research attention being paid to the effects of refrigerating versus freezing pork. A recent study argues that you can safely store pork in your fridge for up to eight days total after butchering or in your freezer for up to ninety days.

Naturally, for the best taste and quality, you will want to consume your pork products, such as  ham cuts and pork shoulder products as quickly as possible. However, knowing what the research says about storing your products properly is an important thing to keep your eye on.

Looking At What Consumers Want 

While pork remains the number one consumed protein across the world, it features in less than seven percent of restaurant entrée items in the United States. Recent research into how to increase the appetite for pork when customers choose to dine out has found that providing healthy and tasty pork options on menus can increase the likelihood of consumers opting for pork loin and other delicious pork products.

With more multicultural diversity in the American dining landscape, diverse opportunities are opening up including Mexican, Latin, and Asian pork dishes on menus across the country. This exciting trend in the pork industry suggests that you can expect to find increasingly delicious pork dishes in restaurants near you in the near future.

All About Animal Welfare 

The increasing public concern for animal welfare has shifted sentiments away from mass production methods that have been applied by many producers in the pork industry. However, while veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise, many consumers remain happy to continue consuming high-quality pork as long as it is raised humanely.

Movements towards taking health and sustainability more seriously are two increasingly prominent trends in the pork industry that have taken a firm hold in the public mind. Pork producers who want to take advantage of this opportunity and remain relevant on the dinner tables of the nation’s households will continue to move towards improving their operations and providing their livestock with a better quality of life.

Effects Of The Trade War 

Looking at more purely economic trends in the pork industry, the ongoing trade war with China has created a roadblock for pork exports from the United States. Pork products entering China from the US are being subjected to a seventy percent tariff upon arrival. This has made the market for American pork in China much less attractive.

However, pork producers and distributors are looking to expand in other exiting and new markets around the globe. Although the effects of the trade war will remain uncertain, the pork industry still projects that production will increase by six percent this year.

African Swine Fever 

The rise of African Swine Fever in pig stocks in China may offset some of the impacts that the tariffs described above imply. Outbreaks of this illness are expected to reduce the Chinese production of pork by five percent. This might not seem like a big number, but in a market the size of China you can imagine that this represents a massive opportunity for American pig producers. However, some argue that the decreasing availability of pork products will lead to a greater increase in demand for chicken meat as a substitute. Time will tell.

Keep Your Eye On Pork Industry Trends 

These pork industry trends highlight the continued relevance and importance of pork in the diets of millions of Americans and those around the world. The industry continues to demonstrate that it is as versatile and relevant as the product itself, which ranges from cuts of bacon to pork prepared meats.

Continuing to keep an eye on these trends will allow you to continue consuming pork with confidence and greater interest. For more information, discuss these trends with your local wholesale meat supplier and pick up some wholesale pork to enjoy today.

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