How Lamb Producers Are Modernizing And Improving The Industry

lamb producers modernizing lamb industry
Blog Sep 17
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As we move into the autumn season, the products that lamb producers are bringing to food service venues are at their absolute best.  If you enjoy the delicious taste and texture of domestically produced American lamb, or if you are keen to try it for the first time, then now is the time of year to do it.  By now, lambs born in spring have had time to graze outdoors on summer grass, and they have matured to develop a more significant ‘true lamb’ flavor.

Indeed, contemporary lamb producers are making efforts to ensure that their products are better than ever before.  Looking at emerging trends in the lamb industry paints a picture of a changing industry that is taking consumer preferences into account, including giving more thought to sustainability and ethical considerations.  At the same time, sheep farmers and lamb producers in the American market are striving to keep their standards high to ensure that the taste and quality of lamb products exceed standards.

Continue reading for a deeper insight into some contemporary trends being employed by lamb producers.

Sustainability Trends From Lamb Producers 

lamb producers modernizing lamb industry 2

The lamb industry is making moves to be more sustainable than ever before.  Indeed, lamb producers can conduct their business in a wholly sustainable way.  Natural grazing, for example, can be an integral part of maintaining a balanced ecosystem by controlling weeds and preventing fires.  Sheepherding can actually improve the quality of pasture by returning nutrients to the soil.

Other research into the sustainability trends of the lamb industry in several countries has led to some interesting insights.  For example, researchers have found that for British lamb-enthusiasts, lamb raised in New Zealand and consumed in the UK is more sustainable than consuming lamb that is domestically raised, even after accounting for the emissions occurring during transportation.  If you are an eco-conscious consumer, make sure to look into these topics in more detail.

Ethical Considerations 

Some argue that lamb is the most ethical source of meat these days.  Out of the whole range of livestock in the United States, sheep are perhaps the most naturally raised as things stand.  Most sheep are allowed to roam free on grassy pastures as this is already the most economical means of feeding and rearing them.

Animal health remains a concern at the forefront of the minds of those in the sheep industry. This includes new thoughts on antibiotics, biosecurity, and parasite management. While the care provided by individual farmers to their livestock will differ, the trends in the sheep industry as a whole are moving towards taking great efforts to heed popular concerns about animal welfare.

Looking for products that indicate that they were stunned before slaughter is not only a great way to support ethical lamb producers but can also guarantee that the product you consume will be tastier.  Stunning before slaughter is a comparatively humane method that ensures that the lambs are not filled with fear before being slaughtered.  More serene lambs also mean more tender meat as well.

Concerns have also been raised about tail-docking procedures being conducted on lambs.  While on the surface this may seem unnecessarily painful, removing a lamb’s tail can greatly enhance their quality of life by reducing the opportunity for parasites and maggots to infest their tail.

Benefits Of Lamb Consumption

If you are considering lamb as means of changing up your diet and moving away from beef and chicken, or if you are a long-time American lamb enthusiast, consider the health benefits of lamb the next time you buy some from your local meat supplier.

Beyond being an excellent source of lean protein, lamb is high in many essential vitamins and minerals. These include iron, zinc, calcium, and several B vitamins. As with eating many high-quality types of meat, the consumption of lamb is excellent for preventing anemia and increasing your muscle mass.

When considering these health benefits in conjunction with trends being followed by lamb producers outlined above, you can be confident that lamb is a suitable choice for your dinner table or restaurant.

Maintaining A Strong Tradition Of Excellence 

Lamb has long been less popular in American households than in countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  However, things are changing and more Americans are indicating their willingness to consume products from lamb producers as a healthy and ethical alternative to the old favorites.

This is great news for those across the country who love to purchase wholesale lamb from their wholesale meat purveyor.  Considering the above trends towards better and improved ethics and sustainability, you can enjoy conscientiously produced, and delicious lamb from your local lamb producers at its very best in the upcoming autumn months.

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