New and Trending Meat Cuts

New and Trending Meat Cuts
Blog Apr 21
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If you are a professional or amateur steak enthusiast, you will be pleased to learn about some trending premium steak meat cuts that are taking the culinary world by storm. If you have already tried just about every cut of beef there is on the market, there are even some new beef portion cuts that use the cow in a novel way.  Each of these options offers a unique and novel gastronomic experience that any foodie can enjoy.

Your mouth should already be watering to dig into this information. If you need some more morsels to whet your appetite, however, you may be interested to get a snapshot of the current meat market. Facing increasing competition from other food trends like veganism and vegetarianism, new premium steak meat cuts remain popular consumer items that show no signs of disappearing any time soon.
Let’s look at some of the more modern meat trends and the particular cuts of steak that are driving new interest in the beef industry.

Meat Trends

The current year in meat markets looks different than in the past but still anticipates a strong performance for 2019. In terms of culinary trends in the meat industry, there is a movement towards slower cooking methods. To try this out for yourself, simply buy some quality beef portion cuts and marinate them with your desired mix of spices and sauces until the meat is ready to flake apart. You can expect to see more of this in restaurants near you this year.

Naturally, in the face of the growing popularity of veganism and vegetarianism, quality has taken on newfound importance this year. The trend towards higher quality and even rarer meats is increasingly prominent. With this in mind, it’s important that you source your cuts and wholesale steak from a local distributor who can point you in the right direction (you might try Northwest Meat Company signature portion cuts, for example).

The Vegas Strip Steak: A New Premium Steak Meat Cut

If you are into meat, you’ve probably at least heard of the Vegas Strip Steak (VSS). While it may seem unusual that a new cut of steak has been “recently discovered,” the Vegas Strip Steak is indeed a new cut that is increasingly popular this year. It has been revealed to the world by one Antonio Mata who holds a Ph. D. and is a butchery expert. Mata has now trademarked the name of this cut and is seeking a patent for the butchery process needed to extract it.

Mata discovered this new premium steak meat cut in the forward part of the cow that has traditionally been used for chuck. This segment of the animal generally contains more fat and gristle than other areas. However, Mata has managed to locate a tender portion of meat in this area which opens the possibility for innovative new steak recipes. In the past, Mata has also been responsible for the discovery of the flat iron steak. Many are suggesting that the Vegas Strip Steak is a jackpot for revitalizing the beef industry. Both the Vegas Strip Steak and the flat iron steak are invaluable for taking old and less desirable portions of a cow and turning them into more lucrative and delicious new premium steak meat cuts. The VSS is delicious when cooked to perfection on a steak sandwich!

The Vegas Strip Steak is attracting attention due to its flashy name but also because it is a tasty alternative to old classics like the New York Strip Steak. Best of all, the Vegas Strip Steak is available at about half the price as the latter.

Wagyu Cuts

Another new premium steak meat cut that is popular this year are cuts of the elusive wagyu beef. True Wagyu beef originates in Japan and has a reputation for being high-quality. However, similarly styled beef can easily be sourced elsewhere in the world.

The reason why wagyu is considered so desirable is because it is extraordinarily tender and has been described as having an almost buttery texture and flavor. In some cases, the cows are actually fed beer and sake and are given massages to increase the tenderness of the beef.
If you can find and afford a quality cut of real wagyu beef, you are sure to enjoy it! Some cuts are so perfectly marbled that they can be eaten raw, though most prefer it prepared with some seasoning and cooked to order.

The Classic Tri-Tip

Not every trending beef cut can be brand-new, but the classic tri-tip cut is expected to maintain its popularity over the coming year. With only two of these cuts found in each cow, the tri-tip is a thick and marbled gem of wholesale steak perfection. Perfect in a hearty stew or in virtually any roasted or boiled form, the tri-tip is a high-quality cut that derives its name from its triangular shape and location in the cow at the tip of the sirloin. Try a signature portion cut from a local meat distributor such as Northwest Meat Company and rediscover this beautiful cut of meat.

Trending Meat Cuts For All Budgets And Tastes

This year is shaping up to be a tasty culinary adventure in the world of beef.  Be a conscious consumer and try some of these new premium steak meat cuts and trends. Keep yourself informed as to where your beef is coming from. We are a wholesale meat distributor in Chicago. Contact us to request a sample of the signature portion cuts, including the Vegas Strip Steak, from Northwest Meat Company, and try new recipes and marinades to refine your palate. Adding one of our trending portion cuts to your menu will help to truly set yourself apart from the competition and keep your customers coming back for more.

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