Wholesale Vegas Strip Steak

Exceptionally Flavorful and Tender

Vegas Strip Steak

We’re betting you’ve never had a more flavorful, delicious cut of strip steak!  Rich and meaty, the Vegas Strip Steak is considered one of the most tender muscles cut from the chuck portion of the cow.  This marvelous steak has deep beefy flavor connoisseurs will find irresistible.  And, it’s not the only thing that tastes great – our superb Vegas Strip is affordable too, making it a top choice for your menu.


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Our customers know we are committed to excellent service, products, and price. We are passionate about bringing you products made in Chicago at a price point that works for you! Wet or dry aging, our USDA Certified cuts of meat are hand-cut by skilled butchers to your portion-control specifications, ensuring consistent quality every time. We have the highest standards and make it a priority to far exceed government food safety requirements. We also ensure our sourcing partners do the same.

Northwest Meats guarantee quality. We never compromise and we stand behind every cut of beef, veal, lamb, and pork we sell.

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