Game On! – 5 Gamey Dishes To Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season

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Game Meat Oct 28
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Consider adding some of our wild game meats to your unique menu offerings for the upcoming holidays. These nutritious game meat dishes bring a complexity and depth of flavor that is difficult to match. Holiday diners crave an unforgettable, satiating experience they can tell friends and family about. Impress them by breaking out of the mundane and using meats that deeply connect to seasonal feasting, perfect for family celebrations.

Five Game Meat Dishes with Unique Textures and Flavors Your Customers Will Devour

Nutrient-Dense Buffalo Meat

Buffalo meat gives diners several advantages in addition to the earthy flavor. For red meat lovers concerned with limiting saturated fat and cholesterol intake, Buffalo is a high-protein alternative that slots in perfectly for most traditional beef-centric dishes.

Buffalo is a low-calorie, delicious, and adaptable meat offering essential nutrients, including zinc, vitamin B12, and iron. Use it in traditionally beef-focused dishes such as Brisket, Ribeyes, premium burger patties, Strip Loins, Tenderloins, Top Round, and even your venue’s best-kept secret Chili recipes.

Use our Buffalo Ground to whip up tasty meatballs with marinara sauce to accompany any satisfying pasta dish. For a lighter option, Buffalo, if sliced thinly, can be used in a vegetable stir-fry or even Buffalo Tacos with mashed avocado topping combined with cheese, sour cream, and a diced lettuce, onion, and tomato mixture.

Whichever way you prepare our premium Buffalo product, rest assured the meat is sustainably sourced from partners we hand-pick for their adherence to the values and quality we demand at Northwest Meats.


Lean Elk

Another lean and tasty beef alternative to offer your holiday diners is our premium Elk products. Choose from Ground, Rack, Sausage, Strip Loin, and hearty Elk Stew Meat.

Elk is exceptionally lean, low in cholesterol, high in protein, and the same nutrients found in Buffalo, including zinc, iron, and B12. The natural habitat and diet of Elk ensure less risk from foodborne illnesses sometimes associated with beef.

Like Buffalo, expect a distinct earthy flavor separate from beef, still robust and savory but also offering a subtle sweet undertone. Elk’s versatility means you can prepare it as a steak, a roast, rich & flavorful burgers, or a comforting stew with vegetables, broth, and seasoning, perfect for a cold winter’s day.


High-Protein Venison

Deer meat offers distinct flavor, often associated with the animal’s wild natural habitat and diet. However, the taste is also often influenced by the animal’s age and the cooking style used during preparation. Usually described as earthy, gamey, mildly sweet, and sometimes nutty, those looking for leaner meat fare often try Venison due to its low-fat nutritional profile.

For annual Thanksgiving & Christmas meals, nothing less than a slow-cooked Venison roast will do. Pair it with potatoes and vegetables, and expertly enhance it with your favorite herbs and spices. For steak lovers, accompany this meat with red wine or juniper berry sauce, along with roast potatoes and whole glazed carrots.


Gourmet Quail

Use our premium Semi-Boneless Whole Bird Quail this holiday season to distinguish your venue from the crowd. The tender and delicate meat offers a flavor similar to dark meat chicken that melts in your mouth.

Save your kitchen staff valuable prep time since Quail doesn’t require long roasting, as does Turkey, while still offering an elegant, upscale table presentation perfect for the holiday season.

Quail’s versatility allows for many cooking methods, including pan-searing, roasting, and grilling. You can even present it as stuffed or bacon-wrapped appetizers or hors d’oeuvres, leaving room for the main course. These small, tasty birds are great for portion control and serving small groups due to their reduced prep time while still offering unique flavors for discerning diners.


Whole Pheasant Bird

Another poultry option offering reduced prep time compared to Turkey is the Pheasant. This bird has much to provide diners seeking a distinctive poultry flavor while counting calories and limiting fat intake.

You still have the elegant presentation offered by Quail and several preparation methods to choose from, including grilling, stewing, and roasting. Use this poultry meat with a mushroom and herb stuffing and pair it with seasonal sides, including cranberry sauce, roasted vegetables, and pan-dripping-based gravy.

For small gatherings or intimate holiday meals where Turkey might be too heavy, Pheasant is a delicacy that slots in ideally, allowing your staff to be creative and offering fine-dining options to your best customers.


Big Game Meat Options From Northwest Meats

Whether your diners prefer traditional Turkey for their annual festive meal celebrations or they want to broaden their palettes and choose premium, healthy Game Meats, Northwest Meat Company has your wholesale needs covered this holiday season.

In addition to the selections above, we stock Wild Boar, Goose, and Rabbit, all sourced from our trusted, top-tier sourcing partners using sustainable agricultural practices and humane animal-raising conditions.

Place your orders before the rush for the best selection of wholesale wild game meat and poultry cuts for the 2023 holiday season.

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