Top Trending Meat and Seafood Dishes in 2022

Top Trending Meat And Seafood Dishes In 2022
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Food trends are constantly evolving, with new ideas, concepts, and creations emerging every year. For your restaurant menu to stands out from the crowd, you need to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest culinary developments and offer your customers a truly memorable dining experience. Chefs, restaurateurs, venue owners, and others in the hospitality industry have access to a wider range of ingredients than ever before and there is no end to the number of tasty meals you can bring to the table in 2022.

Here at Northwest Meats, we firmly believe that the ingredients used are paramount to the success of any dish. Whether you are serving high-end seafood meat dishes at your Michelin Star restaurant, you’re serving casual bites from your food truck, or you are a family-friendly diner looking to elevate your menu, the base ingredients you use are crucial. From exciting dry-aged beef recipes to delicious seafood dishes featuring some of the best seafood from around the world, we have a range of amazing meat products that will help any menu to shine.

Top Meat and Seafood Dish Ideas for Your Venue

Let’s take a look at just some of the top trending meat and seafood dishes in 2022 to help inspire your menu creations this year.

Trending Meat And Seafood Dishes

Roast Dry-Aged Beef

Dry-aged beef is much tastier and more tender than other types of beef and is a true show stopper on any menu. This year, dry-aged beef will continue to be popular, making it a great centerpiece to any roast you are serving on your menu. When it comes to dry-aged beef, correct preparation is key to getting the best flavor and texture with your dish. Using our high-quality dry-aged beef products, you can ensure that your dish will be as juicy, tender, and tasty as possible. Serve with creamed greens and roasted vegetables to take this wonderful dish to the next level.

Seared Scallops

While scallops have long been a restaurant favorite, they are touted to be a big hit in 2022. Incredibly versatile, scallops are always a huge success, whether served as an appetizer, an entree, or as an accompaniment. This year, pairing seared scallops with sweet flavors such as pomegranate and lemon will help to bring your menu to life. Not only will do these flavors combine to create something truly unique but the bright colors present brilliantly, looking attractive on the plate.

Chicken With Mole

Rich, complex, and undeniably delicious, mole is a traditional Mexican sauce that is bursting with flavor. Mole can be used in many ways; served in a bowl alongside tortillas, drizzled over eggs in breakfast dishes, and can be poured over the top of meat dishes. With layers of garlic, chili, tomato, and chocolate, this rich sauce really packs a punch. Fried chicken drumsticks topped with mole sauce, served alongside tortillas, pickled veg, salsa, and fresh avocado will instantly add a new dimension to your offerings and intrigue your clients.

Seafood Chowder

 There are not many other dishes that bring the flavors of the sea to life quite like well-executed seafood chowder. Get creative with your seafood chowder recipe this year and include a range of different fish from North America and around the world. Top this creamy, indulgent, and incredibly delicious dish off with crispy bacon bits to kick things up a notch and make it truly memorable. Make sure to serve hunks of freshly baked bread alongside your chowder so your guests can soak up every last drop of your creation.

Big, Bold Burgers

Comfort food is still at the forefront of many diners’ minds after the turmoil of the last two years. Including familiar classics on your menu with a modern twist will help to attract more customers to your venue and ensure that your guests leave happy. Form your patties using dry-aged ground beef patties to elevate the flavor profile of your burgers and get creative with your toppings. Pickled beetroot, kimchi, flavor-filled slaws, and fresh leaves are all fantastic choices that are proving popular with customers. Choose high-quality bread to sandwich your offerings between and serve them alongside herb-crusted sweet potato wedges or classic French fries to make your burgers shine.

Let Your Creativity, Imagination, And Passion Flow Through In 2022

As restaurants, bars, hotels, and other venues are beginning to get a little busier, now is the time to update your menu and bring something new and exciting to the table. Here at Northwest Meats, we have an incredible range of outstanding meat and seafood products on offer that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the array of high-quality cuts in our product catalog for 2022 and start taking the first steps towards creating a menu that will wow every guest you serve this year.

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