New Year, New Menu – The Meats To Help You Meet Your New Years Weight-Loss Goals

New Year New Menu - Meats for Weigh-loss
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A lot of people like to look at a new calendar year as a clean slate of sorts; a reason to start making positive life changes. As a venue owner.  If your guest is one of the millions of people who have pledged to get healthier and lose weight, it is going to require planning, preparation, and commitment. Losing weight is one of the most difficult things for a lot of people to do, and it takes diet, exercise, and personal growth to make it stick. this presents an opportunity for you as a venue owner to bring in some of that “new year, new you” clientele. Here, we highlight meats for weight-loss goals.

While every person’s weight-loss journey is going to be different, the one thing it doesn’t have to include is bad food. The biggest factor that scares people away from healthy eating and weight loss is the stigma of the food they have to eat. With the right approach to your venue menu this New Year, you can ensure that stigma is not true in the slightest, and you can provide your guests with all kinds of tasty meats and other proteins, while still helping them to stay on track with your goal. And, with the wide selection of amazing meats we have here at Northwest Meat Company, you can be sure that you will have an endless supply of mouthwatering meat cuts to keep you satisfied on your fitness journey.

Below, we take a closer look at what meats and proteins should be on your menu in the New Year to help your guests reach their weight-loss goals.

Chicken And Turkey

The first two proteins here, chicken or turkey meat, are some of the most versatile you will find anywhere in the world. Depending on what is available locally, either is a great choice for extremely lean protein that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Anyone looking to get in shape should ensure they do their best to eat white meat chicken, which is leaner than dark meat. Finally, no matter how crispy, salty, and golden brown that chicken skin is, keep it away from your healthy offerings. While it might be delicious, it is basically full of everything you do not want to put in your body to lose weight. As with everything in life, moderation is the key, so always keep that in mind when designing your menu.

Lean Grass-Fed Beef

While a lot of people may see red meat on the list and see an immediate red flag with regard to weight-loss goals, there is healthy beef out there in healthy amounts. If you focus on including lean or even extra-lean grass-fed beef on your menu your guests will be getting beef with the least amount of fat and total calories possible.

Thanks to the particular diet of grass-fed cows, grass-fed beef contains up to five times the omega-3 fatty acids when compared to regular grain-fed cows which is ideal for health enthusiasts. If you have diners coming to your venue in search of healthy beef dishes, there are plenty of dry-aged beef products, grass-fed cuts and so much more to choose from here at the Northwest Meat Company.

A Variety Of Seafood

Seafood can be a very viable option for eating healthy and losing weight. Not all fish and seafood are the same when it comes to nutritional components, with any of the various white-fleshed fish being the best. Salmon gets a pass because of the abundance of fatty acids and protein inside.

Here at Northwest Meat Company, we have a huge range of delicious seafood available from our hand-selected suppliers all over the world. Regardless of the taste, texture, or nutritional profile you need from your seafood, you can be sure we have your venue covered.

Something A Bit Gamier Perhaps?

Not many venue owners know much about some of those perhaps slightly less well-known cuts or gamier meat choices. However, the main thing you should be aware of is that they are much leaner types of meat than what you would find at a regular meat counter and are packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and healthy fats and oils. Wild game is lean from, well, being wild and having to be in survival mode all the time.

What’s more, these cuts help you to create unique dishes at your venue that will help your menu to stand out from the crowd moving forward. Bison, for example, s a great beef alternative when it comes to burgers. Pheasant can provide an exotic alternative to chicken or turkey and provide your dishes with all of the nutrition that your guests could ever want.

Set Your Regular Diners Up For Fitness Success With Your New Year’s Menu

Starting off the new year on the right foot is always filled with good intentions, but, unfortunately, good intentions can only provide a framework for the year, and the rest requires actual work. The most important thing that anyone trying to lose weight or get in shape at this time of the year needs to keep in mind during this journey is the end goal. Discipline can be difficult to maintain during weight loss, as the body and brain battle for a new normal, and sometimes it can be downright daunting; but for millions around the world, the pain is worth the gain.

To ensure your venue is set up to accommodate health-conscious guests this January, make sure to design a menu packed with flavor, fun, and fitness-inspired dishes. Just because weight loss is the goal, does not mean that your menu cannot be filled with tasty, nutritious, and delicious meals that will wow everyone who visits your hotel, restaurant, bar, food truck, or whatever type of venue you operate. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team at the Northwest Meat Company today to be sure that you have everything you need to fill your menu with the right food choices for the New Year.

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