Our Staff

Stan Neva


Stan has had a passion for the meat business ever since he was in high school. While in high school Stan worked for a local independent grocery store in the meat department. While working at the grocery store he learned many valuable skills in the art of butchering meat. Upon joining Northwest Meat Company in 1982 he started from the bottom of the organization and eventually worked his way all the way to the top. Stan began his career as a driver, then moved on to managing day to day operations, and now with his wife Lori is the owner/ proprietor.

Andrew Neva


Andrew was introduced to Northwest Meat Company as a teenager. His dad would bring him down to work to learn about the company’s operations on a daily basis. As he became interested in the business, he worked for Northwest Meat in the summer months while in high school. At the time, he decided this career would be a perfect fit for him. He then applied to the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana, receiving a bachelor degree in Animal Science from the Collage of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. Upon graduating in 2009, he began working full-time at Northwest Meat, applying his educational experiences he received from Uof I, into our family business. Now, he’s looking forward to carrying on the legacies of his father and grandfather for many years to come.

Lori Neva


Lori is founder, Bruno Michelotti’s daughter, who is very proud and thankful to continue the traditions of her father, along with her family, who migrated to this country from Italy as a young teenage boy, to provide for his family and live the American dream.